The University of Sheffield and Sheffield City Council have been named on Stonewall’s annual list of Top 100 LGB-friendly employers.

Each year LGB rights lobby organisation Stonewall produces a highly anticipated list of Britain’s top 100 LGB friendly employers and this year Sheffield has done very well indeed.

2015’s list, topped by last year’s runner up Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, sees The University of Sheffield come in at number 43 and Sheffield City Council at 88.

Sheffield did well on the list already last year when the Sheffield City Council and The University of Sheffield were both listed at number 82.

This year’s list also sees a sign of great progress as both the Army, the Navy and RAF are named among Britain’s most LGB-friendly employers. The fact that all three armed forces are included means a great step in the right direction considering 2015 marks the 15 year anniversary of when allowed gay men and women were first allowed to join the army.

The previously often LGB rights paranoid M15 can be found in seventh place, up from number 25 on last year’s list.