It’s been a good week for LGBT music. Let’s take a look at what’s been going down – and what we expect will be dominating our weekend soundtrack…


Is this the most lesbian music video of all time? Starring Michelle Rodriguez, prison uniforms, girl on girl action, Demi Lovato in leather, some serious patriarchy butt kicking and… are those combat trousers? Yeah, we’re going to say it’s pretty much up there.



The forever innovative Toddrick Hall gives The Lost Boys a gay makeover and it is magic-licious! Sit back and relax for this Peter Perry mashup set to blow your mind.



 This song by former Eurovision winner Loreen has been playing on repeat in my office for the past two weeks. Bisexual goddess/singer Loreen is nothing but euphoric and this bad ass girl gang video is giving us squad goals for life.


Will Young’s new song Brave Man comes with a video featuring a transgender man walking around the streets of Brighton naked. A stunning piece of music and an equally stunning video. Hats of to the actor, Will and the team for making this happen and for raising much needed awareness of transgender people.


Last but not least, we couldn’t sum up a week of music without mentioning the big return this week. Adele is back!