As Bisexual Awareness Week comes to an end we sum up some of the best reading from the week that’s gone by. Want to spread bi awareness? Read and share the following – and remember bi visibility is needed all year long, not just during one week in September.


LGBT SHEFFIELD: #BiVisibilityDay

There’s a whole day dedicated to raising awareness of the issues and stigma still faced by bisexual people. But what is it, and why is it needed?


STONEWALL: Let’s demand the acceptance we deserve this Bi Visibility Day

Bi Visibility Day is a call for the bisexual community and its allies to celebrate the history and stories of bi people and events. One of the aims of the day is to create a safe space for those who identify as bisexual, so they know they are neither alone, nor different. For such an inclusive environment for bisexuals, why do I feel so apprehensive?…


DIVA: Why we need Bi Visibility Day

Three women from Stonewall share their stories to illustrate why Bi Visibility Day is so important.



We’re celebrating Bi Visibility Day with this gorgeous photo of our bi heroine, Brenda Howard.


ATTITUDE: Why one day a year is just the beginning

Rishabh shares his experiences of being a young, bisexual guy.


BELLA QVIST: I’m not a “little gay”

“Maybe that’s because you’re bi,” they said and it got me thinking…