In honour of the return of Queen Ru to our screens (#hallelu), we’ve delved into the archives to put together a compilation of the top 5 most sickening RDR runway masks to give you ALL the inspiration you need for the Climax Masquerade Ball this Friday. Yass mawma!

5. Kim Chi – Season 8

Kim Chi channeled some Kafka-esque Castle Black realness for ‘Very Best Drag’ and we absolutely adored it. Known for her imaginative runway looks and serving face that was nonstop beat for the gods, Kim Chi is one of our all time favourite queens. Werk it, girl!

4. Nina Bo’nina Brown – Season 9

Impressing Lady Gaga during her runway debut, Nina Bo’nina Brown is an early favourite for the crown in Season 9. She won the title of Miss Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, & Talent with her take on Gaga’s 2009 VMA outfit, and you’ll certainly need all of those things if you’re going to pull off this look on Friday!

3. Katya Zamolodchikova – Season 7

Who could forget when Katya served us that tuckahoe county jail leopard print realness in Season 7? Known for an on point Snatch Game and a dirty mouth, Katya has remained a firm fan favourite (All Stars 3, anyone?). With her naughty confessionals and off the wall humour we certainly wouldn’t mind doing some time with this dirty Russian.

2. Violet Chachki – Season 7

Mean girl Violet Chachki was the ultimate shady queen of Season 7. Her haute couture burlesque looks wowed the judges time and time again but nothing stunned us quite like her ‘Death Becomes Her’ runway look. With a waist cinched to 16 inches, this Grade A queen quite literally took our breath away. #comethrough!!

1. Alyssa Edwards – All Stars 2

Okay, so Alyssa Edwards’s infamous All Stars beauty mask isn’t technically runway chic but her Hannibal Lecter look KILLED us. One of the fiercest queens to walk the RDR runway, we know what she’d say to the other girls on this page: don’t be bitter, just get better *tongue pop*.

Remember: the best mask will win FREE ENTRY to Climax for an entire year PLUS a £10 drink voucher for the next event!

All that’s left to say is: Climaxers, start your engines and may the best mask win!

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