You may have seen part of the interview in this month’s Exposed Magazine. Here’s the full feature with Climax favourites Seven Tors…

Seven Tors is the latest Sheffield band to be getting music critics very, very excited and it really is no wonder when their tunes are this good. Climax Online has a chat with the five Tors who reveal that not only are they a bit like the Spice Girls, they’ve also enjoyed magical moments with hairy bottoms (it’s not as bad as it sounds)  and they like to strip on stage – their shoes that is…

Hello Seven Tors!

Tell us about yourselves, where do you come from and how long have you been playing together?
We met in Sheffield but are all originally from elsewhere; as far away as Scotland and the West Country. Emily, Nic and Tracy have been playing since early 2012 with Dave joining ranks earlier this year and Jen this summer.

You played at Sheffield music festival Tramlines this summer. How was that?
We loved it! We had four gigs in total and thoroughly enjoyed them all. As a band Tramlines is hectic but fantastic, it’s a great chance to make new fans with the city full of people keen to hear something new. The sheer amount going on is brilliant and the weekend was definitely a highlight of our time together – the Busker’s Bus especially being our most interesting venue thus far!

Who’s the boss/the joker/the flirt in the band? Do you have different roles – say you were all a Spice Girl, who would you be?
We’re way ahead of you there: Nic is Bossy Tor, Emily is Funny Tor, Tracy is Tough Tor and Dave is the imaginatively monikered Boy Tor. We’ve not got one for Jen yet, but Sporty, Baby, Scary, Posh and Ginger are all under heavy consideration…

Drummer Jen just joined the band. How has that worked out for you so far?
Jen’s been great! We’d been playing our songs without drums and percussion for a while, so for her to come in and instantly gel musically has been really good, it’s what we felt had been missing and we’re loving the results. She puts up with our terrible jokes and is just generally lovely too, can’t ask for more.

You recently recorded a few new tracks and we absolutely love them! Tell us what inspired these songs?
Lots of things inspired them. Dancing Feet came about when Emily got in a strop that all our songs were too depressing, played a dancy synth part and somehow everyone just joined in!

That’s funny, our favourite song is actually Dancing Feet; it is virtually impossible to sit still to it. Is that why you named it Dancing Feet?
Yes and it also refers to our tendency to take our shoes off during gigs. We don’t know why we do this.

And what’s this about a ghost mentioned in your lyrics?
The ghost thing is about the fact that we don’t want to grow up, about how childhood is fading away, and so if we dance with our shoes off we can act like children again. It was also foggy when Nic wrote it apparently which explains a few lines.

We hear you played with strippers on stage? We somehow don’t envisage that when listening to your songs… what happened?
We were hired for a birthday party and it was one of the requests that we learn “You can Leave Your Hat On.” When Nic broke these news to the rest of the Tors she was quite surprised at our response – we were well up for it! And although poor Jen got a perfect eye-level view of four hairy bottoms barely covered with silver thongs, we enjoyed helping to create that magical moment.

What are your ambitions with the band and what’s it like trying to make it big (because we think you will) in a place like Sheffield?
Ah shucks, thanks Climax! At the moment it’s purely for the enjoyment, we all love being in the band without the pressure that comes with “having” to make it. Though we’ve been very lucky with the opportunities we’ve had so far, so who knows? Our next aim is to go back to the studio and get some more songs recorded so we can release an E.P or similar. If the reception’s good we’ll see where it takes us!

Favourite thing about Sheffield?
It’s not for everyone, but the relative tight-knittedness of Sheffield is cool. There are so many people you meet with mutual acquaintances, especially in the music scene where everyone seems to have bumped into everyone else at some point – it’s a nice community feel. The massive influx of students each year keeps things fresh too, and most seem to stick around for the long term!

Do you ever go out in Sheffield? Where do you go?
Division Street has a great few places that would be the envy of most cities, and there’s a lot of places tucked away from the city centre that are always worth checking out – Kelham Island, the Red House, the Red Deer off West St and so on. Leadmill’s the Tors late night venue of choice!

Do you ever go to Climax and if so, what do you think of it?
Jen obviously loves Climax… it has a special place in her heart and she’s super excited about the return to its spiritual home of Sheffield University Union. She plans to take all the Tors there soon, to experience it for themselves! Emily has also been and says it was well fun. She literally made friends with everyone there.

Now we know that Jen is open about the fact that she has a girlfriend but do you think it is important to be open about sexuality when in the public eye? Or is it rather the opposite – a personal matter you think people should keep to themselves?
I don’t think there’s an answer that applies to everyone – certainly though no one should ever “have” to feel like they need to be either open or secretive about their sexuality in the slightest. Whatever’s comfortable for them really!

That’s cool. Now where can we see you live next and what else can we expect from you in the near future?

We’ll hopefully have the aforementioned E.P out soon, and in the meantime we’re doing consecutive showings on the 4th/5th October at the Harley and Red Deer respectively! More info on our Facebook/website. We’d love to see you there!

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