She’s not only the gorgeous, bisexual girl with golden locks, plenty of  swag and more hats than she can count, she also spent a majority of last year charming the nation with her stunning vocals as part of X Factor’s urban group MK1. Charlie Rundle takes a coffee break from her hectic schedule and has an online chat with Climax Online.


Text: Bella Qvist

Photo: Andrew Cotterill

Hi Charlie, how and where are you?

I’m amazing thanks, I’m sat answering these questions in a Starbucks in the Silver City.

I like your Twitter quote “Nothing makes one so vain, as being told one is a sinner.” Tell us about it, is this something of a life philosophy?

You could say that. It’s an Oscar Wilde Quote; I first read it in his book Picture of Dorian Gray, then heard it again in a film called Velvet Goldmine. You could explain it as, people might talk about me a certain way for being bisexual, and whether they like it or they don’t, the fact is, they’re still talking about me.

After all, the only thing worse than being spoken about, is not being spoken about at all, so you may as well find a way to enjoy it.

2012 was quite the year for you and MK1. What were you doing a year ago today and what was the highlight for you during the year that’s gone by?

This time last year I was living, sleeping, breathing and eating in the studio, highly unaware of the time or date. I was working so hard last year to be able to work in my dream career and just pay rent. I worked as a songwriter and engineer in a studio I co-owned in North London. My highlight? Definitely performing at the O2 in front of about 15, 000 people.

X factor can be quite restrictive in terms of song choice and can tend to film contestants when they are at their lowest or most emotional, how was that for you? Did it ever feel staged?

Tough question. In terms of song choice, yeah, I’d say we were quite restricted. The three songs we performed on the live shows were not necessarily our first choices. Sim [MK1 member number two] and I are so versatile in our music and we came to feel quite pigeon holed into what the X Factors perception of an urban act was. But nonetheless it was a great platform and has given us such great exposure to be able to release the music we really want to do. The only thing I wish they didn’t film was me crying in Vegas! Damn. How lame.

What’s it like being an ex X Factor contestant, does that limit MK1 in any way or do you instead now feel more free than ever that you can do what you want? 

Sim and I have been writing and performing our own music for almost three years now. And ultimately that’s what our fan base love. The X Factor just gave us an influx of new MK1 fans! So, no restrictions really.

You were a band before X Factor, do you get any negativity from people for having gone on the show?

To be honest, no, we don’t have a lot, but you’re always going to get haters. I just let them be. It’s no bother to me if they’re negative. They’re only wasting their own energy!

And what is it that you want to achieve with MK1? What is your goal?

Sim and I both want to keep making music that people will listen to for years to come. We want to get to the top and stay at top, really. I still want to be making music twenty years from now.

It was an out and proud X Factor line up this year. How did you get on with Lucy Spraggan and Jade Ellis?

It’s great that there was so much diversity in this year’s show. Over a third of the contestants were gay or bisexual. Working with the girls was fun, they’re such talents, both of them.

Jade had a lot of love for you. I know you’ve been asked before but… did you fancy her?

I think Jade is great, but no, I’ve never fancied her. She’s my bro.

Now, there are a lot of people out there who fancy you more than just a little bit. You are a very pretty lady with many gorgeous features, but what do you think is your favourite feature? And what do you look for in your partner? What turns you on? 

Thanks. My favourite part of myself? Erm… you might have to ask your readers, I don’t know! I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year now, and she has everything I look for in a girl. If a girl has pretty eyes and a good smile that would definitely get my attention, let’s put it that way.

When did you realise you were bisexual and how was coming out for you? Not easy to sum up in writing, I know, but it would be great to hear a little bit about it. Did dating girls come out of the blue?

I realised I was bisexual when I was about 16, I think? I fell for someone in my home town the exact same way I would have fallen for anyone, apart from the fact that she was a girl! I think love is love. Nothing else matters.

Do you see yourself as part of the LGBT community or is being bisexual not part of how you define yourself? Go you go out on the gay scene much?

I’ve never defined myself by my sexuality, it’s obviously a part of me but I am who I am regardless of it. We’re touring and writing so much that I don’t really get a chance to go out ever! Haha. The scene isn’t my thing anyway. I don’t even know where to find it.

Do you ever get stick from straight or gay people for being bisexual? Do you have any examples of encountering biphobia?

A lot of people find it difficult to accept bisexuality. I’m attracted to personality, after that it doesn’t matter to me if they’re a girl or a guy. I haven’t really experienced any biphobia to be honest… I didn’t know it existed!

Now a very important question: how many hats do you have?

Obviously the most important question! I have way more than I can even count on my toes and fingers! I guess probably around 60? Maybe even more.

We’re celebrating the launch of our website with a big cocktail party in Sheffield this Friday. I’ve heard you’re more of a beer girl but what’s your favourite cocktail/drink on a night out?

I’m usually a beer girl but Pina Colada is my favourite cocktail, definitely.

I like the fact that you wear so much Drop Dead Clothing… Sheffield represent! Tell us about your style and how long do you take getting ready in the morning?

I just throw on what I feel like wearing and it somehow ends up looking ok. Haha. I wear what I do because I like it, not for any other reason.

What songs get you up onto the dance floor, what do you request and what do you play when you DJ? 

I play a lot of remixes, ones that I’ve done or producer friends have done. But I will always request a Kanye/Jay-Z tune or whatever I’m feeling at the time!

Did you make a new years resolution for 2013, if so what?

I made a resolution to keep in contact with everyone I really love and care for. And to stay a bit tidier in the house. Reluctantly. That resolution wasn’t a choice of my own. Silly girlfriend!

I got 99 problems but the… aint none. What is the one thing that’s really amazing in your life right now, what makes you happy?

My sister. Me and my sister are like best friends, she makes me so happy! And if not her, then Chinese [food]. Man Chinese ain’t a problem I could eat that everyday!

Tell us about your plans for 2013 – you have tour in February? And then?

The tour in February is going to be exciting! It’s basically an extension on our December Rewired Tour where we headlined a venue for an hour with support acts. We sold out almost every venue! So were having to extend it. But!!! It’s not quite the same! [wink face]

After that, obviously we’ve spent a lot of time in the studio so were putting out a new single or two this year. In amongst planned interviews, magazine TV and photo shoots. Exciting times.

Exciting times indeed. Thanks for the chat, Charlie!

Thanks for having me!

MK1 are touring the UK in February, check out for the latest news and follow Charlie on Twitter @Charlie_MK1.