Climax has a new resident DJ, Kriss Herbert, and it is high time we got to know the man! Climax Online interviewed the Gaydio DJ and we found out what it’s like behind the scenes at the world’s biggest LGBT radio station as well as what Kriss’ guilty pleasure is…

CLIMAX ONLINE: Hi Kriss, you’re our new resident DJ, welcome on board! We hope you’re as excited as we are to have you.

KRISS HERBERT: I really can’t wait, it’s been a long time coming!

For those who don’t know you already, tell us a little bit about yourself!

I always feel this things sound like a dating site. Erm, I was born in a farmer city called Gloucester, migrated to Manchester for uni and stayed there ever since. I work at Gaydio, which is the worlds biggest LGBT radio station, and been DJing since 16. What else, I’m part Italian, a good cook and enjoy a chilled night in front of the TV as well as clubbing till the early hours. This has turned into a dating profile now, next question!

When did you first start DJing? Did anyone in particular inspire you?

I started when I was 16, my dad got me some turntables for Christmas. I used to listen to Dave Pearce dance anthems on Radio 1 which inspired me; it’s crazy to think he now does a show on the same station as me. I carried on being a bedroom DJ for many years and since starting working in radio I have done loads of gigs. I actually have DJd from Brighton to Aberdeen!

You DJ at Gaydio every day, what’s that like?

Innuendo mad! Imagine working in an office with a load of other LGBT people, and most of which are radio presenters! It’s crazy, funny but hard work. We’re a small team, and have high standards. Getting to talk to 850,000 people is also crazy, as a presenter, you sit there thinking you’re talking to one person it’s mad when you make joke or drop a tune and everyone tweets in!

What’s your favourite tune right now?

You can’t ask a DJ that! Probably Karen Harding – Say Something, the Zac Samuels mix though. Music at the moment has this deeper funky sound to it and Zac’s remixes hit that nail on the head.

What song can you not stand hearing?

I don’t know! I really don’t like urban music, not one specific song though. I’ll just put an entire genre there!

Do you have any guilty pleasures music wise?

Ha, I used to love Gina G – Oohh Ah Just a little bit but don’t worry it’s not in my record collection any more! As if I just admitted that.

What’s the biggest or best gig you ever played?

I did the Gaydio dance arena at Manchester Pride for two years, that was epic! It’s a 2 000 capacity indoor arena, and I played the opening set twice. It’s crazy to see it from empty to full in 30 mins, then leave and have a massive queue to get in!

Have you got a particularly wild, crazy or funny story from your DJ career?

I don’t think so, no. I have a habit of breaking the equipment; I have gotten through four smoke machines in the club in Manchester… Don’t tell the Climax bosses!

What can we expect to hear from you at Climax?

My main style is big commercial hits, with a dancey edge, so expect dancier versions of the tracks you love, and a few classic thrown in for good measure. Check out the pre climax mix I made for you on my Mixcloud! (Link here.)

Any tips on how to get you to play a particular song? Do you take requests?

I love requests; they’re good when they’re good! I think the main thing to remember is what music I am playing. I once got someone request some motown in a nightclub where I’m playing dance and that’s gonna get a no off me. I remember last time I was at Climax I got a load of bits of paper, it was mad!

What do you listen to when you’re not DJing?

I am a massive radio geek, so I listen to the radio. What might surprise you is I like silence. I work with music so much, walking to and from work in silence is bliss sometimes. But I like my dance music, and remixes! Basically the music I play in clubs is what I like to listen to.

Do you have any requests for the Climax goers?

Let your hair down, oh and put your phones away; I know you’re all on Grindr. I once looked up and there was this group of eight or nine people all in one group, and they were all on their phones! I don’t get that!

Why should people come to Climax on Friday?

Good music, great people, great atmosphere oh and Kieron! Haha. I work with him at Gaydio, he’s worth checking out, lol. But you can’t beat a good dance with friends can you, and you never know you might find yourself an extra friend by the end of the night.

Thanks Kriss, we can’t wait!

See Kriss DJ at Climax Carnival on Friday 27 February 10.30pm-3.00am at Sheffield Students Union.