Kieron Richardson is the award winning actor playing gay character Ste Hay on Hollyoaks, he is a radio presenter at Gaydio and this week he is coming to Climax! We had a chat with the very gorgeous superstar, who is gay in real life, and found out among other things what kind of underwear he wears…

CLIMAX ONLINE: Hi Kieron, we’re really looking forward to meeting you on Friday! In fact, we’re pretty sure all the selfie sticks in Sheffield have sold out… Have you been to Climax before?

KIERON RICHARDSON: No, never, but I am looking forward to my first visit hopefully of many more, I love Sheffield.

Before we get into the questions properly, tell us something we wouldn’t know already, like what colour underwear are you wearing?

Right now I am wearing Black and White Pringle boxers, they were a present form my friend Megan.

Thanks, now we have that important piece of information behind us we can get serious. You’ve been part of Hollyoaks for many, many years now. Thinking back, what’s your one standout moment?

My stand out moment isn’t a moment on Hollyoaks, it is the moment I found out I had got the role of Ste on Hollyoaks, nothing has topped that.

Your character Ste has had some turbulent times to say the least. If you could change anything in Ste’s story, what would it be?

I would change the fact that I’m not Leah’s real dad. I have played the role of Leah’s dad since she was born and we have a great time working together, I just think it’s a shame Ste isn’t her real dad.

Do people ever call you by the wrong name, i.e. Ste, and if so how do you feel about that?

Every day, all day, it is something I am used to. People just know me as Ste in their front rooms every night and don’t consider I have actually got a real name.

What do you think will happen next for Ste? And for you personally? More Gaydio work or something else?

You can never guess what would happen for Ste, just when I think nothing bigger could happen to him, the writers come up with something more fantastic for him. For me I will be doing more Gaydio work and I like playing at being a presenter, so in the future that is something I would be looking at doing.

Finally, what’s your choice of drink? So we know for Friday!

I don’t really like alcohol! If I had to choose I drink vodka and coke, but I really would prefer a chocolate Yazoo on a night out!


Meet Keiron at Climax Carnival on Friday 28 March at The University of Sheffield Student’s Union. More info about the event can be found here.