Bisi Alimi had to flee homophobic Nigeria after coming out as gay on live TV twelve years ago. Now he is going back – and with your help, his powerful story can be made into a film.

In Nigeria homosexuality is punishable by up to 14 years in prison and, in some northern Islamic states, even death. The country does not recognise any LGBT rights, does not offer legal protection against discrimination and in 2004 the president claimed there were “no gays in Nigeria”.

Shortly thereafter, in 2004, Bisi Alimi appeared on Nigerian television, outing himself as gay.

His TV message was a brave move, challenging the president’s words and it was a declaration that saw him exiled from Nigeria. After suffering years of death threat and abuse, he was finally forced to flee the country and he came to the UK eight years ago.


He has since continued to fight for LGBT rights and now, twelve years after becoming the first Nigerian to be openly gay on TV, filmmaker Joe Cohen is producing a documentary about Alimi’s story, including his first trip back home to Mushin in the slums of Nigeria.

But filmmaking is an expensive undertaking and so the two have set up a Kickstarter campaign to make this  film happen and tell the story to the world. You can help bring The Boy From Mushin to life by spreading the word and funding it here.