It’s a wet, wet Wednesday but we’ve got just the Hump Day treat for you… Climax MidWeekMusic features the Queen, the Princess and the Prince (x5) of Pop. Sit back, relax, and get jiggy with it.


Imagine being on a date with One Direction. It’d surely be everything you ever dreamt of… or would it? In this latest video offering from 1D we get to go on a pretend date with the guys and it cheesy and dreamy in equal measures… until it all goes wrong. (It’s ok Zayn, we still LOVE that hair of yours.)


Taylor Swift takes on the haterz with her song Blank Space, playing up to all the rumours of her being a pretty crazy lady to date. We get to see her being a nightmare dressed as a daydream but hey, it wouldn’t stop us goin on a date or two…

BEYONCÉ – 7/11

ATTENTION CLASS, time to learn a new dance. Your teacher today will be Queen B. We know you care!