Yesterday Chlöe Howl played the Fusion café at The Sheffield Student’s Union and after the gig Climax Online’s Hannah & Hannah met up with the fiery red head currently on tour with Bastille. Once topics like revenge, romance and ready meals were covered they moved on to style, students and stealing celebrity tents. This interview has it all, really…



Hi Chlöe! How does playing in a coffee shop compare to playing bigger venues?

It’s weird playing in a coffee shop! I’ve actually never done that before. I think it’d be weird if I had all my equipment with me but acoustic sets are fine – normally when you do acoustic sets for YouTube channels and stuff there’s only about six people in the room anyway!

And how’s touring with Bastille going?

Well, last night was our first night – it was really good! We hadn’t met them, and then we were all queuing up to use the microwave in the venue, ‘cos we were having ready meals – sure, so rock ‘n’ roll! – and he [Dan] walked in because he needed to heat up some soup. And he’s the nicest guy in the world! He’s so nice, it’s unbelievable! So it’s really good. And the crowds are mental, they love him sooo much. I watched the show last night from the back and the audience pretty much lost their minds, it was amazing.

Is playing support for Bastille a lot of pressure then, because you know they’ve got such a devoted fanbase?

Well, because I’m not at the stage where I have a lot of people who know a lot of my songs, I’m kind of used to playing to crowds who are trying to get to know me. So it’s just like doing that, but to loads and loads of people! But it definitely spurs me on – the whole time I was like “yes, I want a crowd like this!” So instead of thinking “none of these people are here for me”, I’m like “well, one day you will be! I’m gonna make you love me!”

Climax Online featured you in our MidWeek Music section in January, and have loved you ever since. Tell us what you’ve been up to since then!

I’ve finished my album, it’s written and essentially all produced. So that’s going to be out next year. Me and my band only got together in March, so I’ve just been working with them, doing a few shows and festivals and stuff.

Have you got a solo tour planned for the near future?

We haven’t got one planned yet, because it’s so close to the end of the year. We’re keeping busy supporting Bastille and John Newman!

We wanted to talk you about Twitter – we really enjoy reading your tweets! Do you enjoy using Twitter as a way to engage with your fans?

I’ve had my account since 2009, so it’s my personal Twitter – it was never put up for ‘Chlöe Howl’… it’s always just been me rambling complete rubbish! It’s obviously an amazing way to interact with artists, and for artists to interact with fans. Sometimes I’ll be like “What’s your favourite cheese?” and then we’ll have a big old conversation about cheese and stuff! It’s also a really easy way of getting things out there – it’s so simple and so instant.

Who’s the coolest person you follow on Twitter?

There’s this guy called George Ezra (@george_ezra) who’s signed to the same label as me. He’s mental on Twitter, you can’t really understand him. And one day he tweeted something like “Would you rather have a formal letter written to you from David Cameron, or a write a birthday card to Peter Andre?” He’s really funny.

And does anyone cool follow you on Twitter?

Tom Odell follows me, that’s cool!

I enjoyed reading the story about you sneaking into his teepee at Glastonbury! Tell us more about it, please!

Oh no, I definitely shouldn’t have told anyone! It was the last day of Glastonbury and I just bumped into some random people and then we all just went and slept in Tom Odell’s teepee! But he wasn’t there…. I met him recently and I was like “hey man…. great blow up beds!” He was pretty chilled out, but I think he thinks I’m a little bit weird. Never mind… but now he follows me on Twitter, he’s really going to think I’m weird!

Any other artists you’ve been listening to at the moment?

There’s a girl called Banks who’s recently released her ‘London’ EP, and it’s really, really good.

We’re from Climax Online, an LGBT magazine. Do you ever attend any gay club nights/events?

Well I’m from a town where nothing happens! [Maidenhead] So not really, there’s not really been very many opportunities to.

Our readers love your style. Do you style yourself on stage?

Yeah, I style myself! I’m slightly terrible at it, and whenever I have photo shoots I just steal the clothes! I really like Cheap Monday, Monki, Zara and American Apparel. I like layering up loads of basics, so anywhere that does nice, interesting basics.

You’re video for ‘Paper Heart’ is great. Was this a technique you used to break up with someone IRL?!

I wish! I don’t really break up with people… I just go *shrugs shoulders*. But doing what’s in the video would be amazing, it would be such a kick in the balls to do that to someone! Although you’d have to get a lot of people that hated your ex to get involved and dance around you…

You could get your ex’s previous partners involved?

Yes!! That’s what I’ll do, next time I have someone to break up with…

Do you have much time for romance on the road?

Not consciously, it’s not really something you consciously pursue… things could just happen but that person would have to be very understanding. They’d have to understand how much time you’d have to give up, as well as the fact your moods are all over the place! I came off stage yesterday, and when you come off stage you’re a little bit pumped – but then you’re left in a dressing room whilst everyone else packs up. So to go from being in front of thousand of people, to being alone in a room results in a kind of post-show depression. So you have up and down emotions as you get so many different things thrown at you – you could have an interview and it could be really friendly and come out of it feeling really great, or you could have a really awkward interview. So you’d have to have someone that’s aware of what’s going on. I think that’s why a lot of people that work in music go out with others that work in the industry, because no one else gets it. I mean my Dad is so baffled by it. I mean, I’m not going to date my Dad!! Sorry Dad. But yeah, he just doesn’t understand how I can not know what I’m going to be doing in two days time.

So have a lot of your friends just left for University? Had you ever considered pursuing that, instead?

Yeah they have, I’ve been left all alone! I’d literally only want to go for the nights out. And to make loads of like-minded friends! I’m sure I’ll be doing that now, but everyone’s older than me – it’d be nice to have people my age to be friends with. But I didn’t do my A-Levels, so I couldn’t anyway! I got signed straight after doing my GCSEs, so I never went back. It probably would have been sensible to… but never mind! If it all fails, I’ll go and work in a bar or something…

It won’t fail! We’re very excited to hear more from you next year. Thanks very much Chlöe, it was lovely to meet you!

Chlöe is on tour with Bastille. Find the tour dates here.


Text: Hannah Hunt & Hannah Gretton

Images: Hannah Hunt & Hannah Gretton,