The World Wide Web is full of great people and some of them make videos to share their talent with the world. We’ve gathered a few of our favourites vloggers (that’s video bloggers or video loggers) for your viewing pleasure and we’re pretty sure that each and every one of them will make you smile. We’ve categorised them to suit boys and girls however yours truly can vouch for the fact that all videos appeal to all genders. (Warning: watching these may mean that you do nothing productive for the rest of your day.) Now with more YouTubers!

For the girls

Kaelyn And Lucy

Kaelyn and Lucy are an adorable lesbian couple in a long distance relationship with a very large online following. Lucy lives in England and Kae in the States and they make super cute videos together. Filled with kittens, kisses and good food; what’s not to love?!

Girlfriends TV

Arielle Scarcella got herself in the online headlines after uploading a seemingly biphobic video featuring lesbians slagging off bisexuals. An explanatory video soon followed – and this is how Arielle rolls. Through Girlfriends TV she discussed issues that may or may not affect gay girls, strangely enough often wearing just a bra on top. Love her or hate her, she certainly gets you thinking – and looking.

What Wegan Did Next

Wegan are Whitney and Megan, who used to be a long distance couple, now they’re living the married life in the UK. Follow them to get a glimpse of their glam lifestyle as well as chats about femme visibility and disability.

Bria And Chrissy

Musical duo Bria And Chrissy make funny videos, lovely videos and sometimes raunchy videos (they like to kiss, a lot). They write their own songs and they sing covers and they’ll entertain you for hours.

*NEW* Rose Ellen Dix With Rosie

Our very own British YouTube superstar Rose And Rosie are not only adorable, hilarious and loud but we’re going to go ahead and say that they are slightly ruder than all of the above vloggers. Always happy to discuss sex and personal embarrassments, they’re sure to make you laugh. We dare you to try and stop watching – it’s very hard.

For the boys

Todrick Hall

Not technically a vlog but…. There is no end to singer, choreographer and film maker Todrick Hall’s creativity – or indeed his videos. From the twerk version of One Direction (“Best Thong Ever”) to full scale musical productions of Mean Girls, Cinderonce (the Cinderella story told in Beyonce songs), flash mobs and his own creations (see “It Gets Better”), this guy is to die for. No wonder Queen B herself has thanked him. Tune in and disappear into the wonderful world of Toddy Rockstar.

David’s Vlog

David is a theatre and journalism student with lots of fun, friends and food. Get watching for cute camp men, hilarious nights out, musical talk, Q&As and some serious conversation, too. Don’t we all wished we lived such an exciting life?

Neil McNeil

Neil came out of the geek closet when he was seven years old and never turned back. He posts videos about geeky things and LGBT things and geeky LGBT culture and LGBT geek culture and… you get it. He’s a little LGBT superhero!

Billy And Pat

Billy And Pat run a YouTube channel talking about gay marriage. They got married in December 2013 and leading up to this they posted all sorts of wedding related videos discussing everything from wedding showers to mum talk. They even streamed their marriage online! Watch for well made videos by well groomed men; it’s slick, cute very informative and you’ll soon fall in love with them both.

*NEW!* Davey Wavey

Davey Wavey likes to be naked and hey, we aint complaining. Wearing close to nothing on top and taking help from both gay girls and boys he talks about everything from underwear to turning straight men gay. Tune in and uhm, educate yourself!

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